MobIR-8   $4999

MobIR M8

The MobIR M8 thermal camera, representing a landmark of IR technology progress globally, is the latest innovation from Guide Infrared who always works with innovative emotion. Guide presents M8 thermal camera enriching the features exclusively for high-end IR camera before.50Hz refresh rate, 2Mpixels CMOS, Touch screen, Auto focus, IR video recording. Whatever you expect from a thermographic camera, M8 satisfies you by its compactness, ruggedization, accuracy, efficiency, reliability, and affordability.

  • Robust substantial and solid design
  • High quality touch screen
  • 2.0Mega CMOS technology
  • AGT Auto Gate Technology
  • Auto focus for both IR and visual image
  • 5 Modes of operation
  • Unique holding methods
  • Super-long working time
  • 50Hz/60Hz high image frequency rate
  • License free & rapid delivery

MobIR M8
Detector TypeMicrobolometer UFPA 160×120 pixels,25μm
Spectral Range8~14μm
Thermal Sensitivity≤0.1℃ at 30℃
Lens/FOV20.6°×15.5°, 11mm (7.6°×5.7°, 30mm optinal)
Image Frequency50HZ PAL/60HZ NTSC
Built-in Digital VideoCMOS Sensor, 1600x1200pixels, 224 ture color
Imaging Presentation
External Display2.47" TFT LCD screen with high resolution
Infra FusionVisual and IR blending
Temperature Range-20℃ to 250℃(350℃ , 1200℃ optional)
Accuracy±2℃ or ±2% of reading
Measurement modesAuto Hot & cold spot, auto alarm live/zoomed image &video;
spots, areas displaying either max, min or average, line profile, histogram &isotherm band in live/frozen/saved image
Image Storage
TypeRemovable 2GB Mini SD card & built-in memory
Video RecordingRecording up to 30 mins in Mini SD card
Laser Locator
Classification TypeClass 2 semiconductor laser
Power System
Battery TypeRechargeable Li-ion Camcorder battery, field-replaceable
Battery Operating Time4 hours continuous operation
Environment Specification
Operating Temperture-10℃~50℃
Storage TempertureTemperature
USB2.0Real-time image, video data transfer to PC and real-time control of the camera on PC
RS232 communicationControl of camera on PC
Physical Chracteristics