Canon MK1500
The MK1500 prints precise characters of up to 300dpi for tubes, labels and more. With a large LCD display and automatic full and half-cutting, it offers smooth and easy printing from start to finish.

  • High speed and fast output rate 25mm/sec.
  • Automatic cutting / full-cut
  • Various print patterns

Print speed: 25mm per second

With a print speed of 25mm per second, the MK1500 ensures fast and high-quality output, hence fulfilling all your requirements. When printing a 20mm tube with 5 full-size characters and in consecutive print mode and with fast cutting, the MK1500 is able to deliver an impressive 35 pieces every minute.

Bright LCD display

Experience total ease of use with the printer’s bright and large backlit LCD screen with a display capacity of 10 characters/line x 2 lines at full-width or 20 characters/line x 2 lines at half-width. All necessary information such as ink ribbon type and remaining amount can be read clearly at a glance leaving no room for error.

Automatic cutting

Each segment is partially cut automatically as it prints. The segments are easily separated manually after they come out of the printer. The cutting operation for each job can be set for full-cut, halk-cut, no cut with marking, or not cut without marking.

Printing MethodThermal transfer
Printing SpeedTubes:High: 25mm/sec.
Standard: 18.5mm/sec.
Low: 12.5mm/sec.
Labels:High: 25mm/secs.
Standard / Low: 12.5mm/sec.
Output RateHigh Mode:35pcs./min.
Standard Mode:30pcs./min.
Low Mode:21pcs./min.
(Printing 20mm tubes, 5 full-size characters, consecutive print mode, half-cutting)
Ink RibbonsExclusive cassette
Character Sizes2mm, 3mm, 6mm (full-width, half-width available for each)
Input ModesAlphanumeric, symbol input
DisplayLCD Graphic (160 x 64 dots)
Display Capacity10 characters/line x 2 lines (full-width) or
20 characters/line x 2 lines (half-width)
Built-in MemoryPrint-data:Approx. 2,500 characters
Files:Approx. 7,500 characters
Service life of internal backup battery for data storage:About 5 years
Media Cutting MethodAutomatic full-cutting, Automatic half-cutting
Power SupplyExclusive AC Adapter (Input voltage: AC 100V - 240V 50 / 60 Hz)
Operating Environment15°C - 32.5°C (59°F - 90.5°F),
10% - 85% RH
Range is lowered to 5°C (41°F) with Tube Warmer option installed
Storage Environment5°C - 32.5°C (41°F - 90.5°F),
10% - 90% RH
Dimensions (W x D x H)250 x 300 x 85mm (9.8 x 11.8 x 3.4in.)
Weight2kg (4.4lb.) (printer only)

Order No.DescriptionPrice
MKRS100BRibbon Cassette Black (100m)$50.0
MKRS85WRibbon Cassette White (85m)$50.0
M-11W6Label Tape Cassette 6mm x 30m (White)POA
M-11W9Label Tape Cassette 9mm x 30m (White)POA
M-11W12Label Tape Cassette 12mm x 30m (White)POA
M-11Y6Label Tape Cassette 6mm x 30m (Yellow)POA
M-11Y9Label Tape Cassette 9mm x 30m (Yellow)POA
M-11Y12Label Tape Cassette 12mm x 30m (Yellow)POA
M-11W44mm I.D. Strip 4mm x 5m (White) Cassette$30
M-11E4F4mm I.D. Strip 4mm x 5m
(white) refill