CE Standard Fiber Laser Machine

LSF II series Fiber Laser marking machine with compact structure and no optic-pollution, little-energy coupling lost, air cooling concept, so it has so many advantages against other competitors. The less-power consumption and long running life and maintenance free are typical characters. It it designed under CE guidline to achive the high safety protection request from European customers.

  • The laser beam quality is perfect for high-precision marking application.
  • The structure is compact and portable.
  • The output energy is stable and reliable, 100,000 hours maintenance free.
  • The power consumption is very low, it is just 0.5 KW/Hour.
  • Professional software which strong functions and easy-operating.
  • Can be operating in 24 hours and severe environment.

Comparation between Optic system/Diode system/Lamp system
Laser ModeLamp Pumping SystemDiode Pumping SystemFiber System
Pumping SourceLamp pumpingDiode pumpingLD pumping
Working MaterialNd: YAGNd: YAGYB:Fiber
Laser Beam Quality<32-Mar<1.2
Beam ModeMulti ModeMulti ModeTEM00 (Basic Mode)
Running Life400 hours8000—10000 hours100000 hours
AcessoriesKe LampDiodeNone
Replace Time-circle2 Month2 YearNone
Cooling MethodWater-CoolingWater-CoolingAir-Cooling
DementionStructure large with chillerStructure little large with chillerCompact sturcture
Min Laser Beam Size30um20um10um
Energy density18 KW20 KW32KW
Power Consumption4.5kw2kw0.5 kw

ModelLSF10II          LSF20II
Average Output Power10W             20W
Max.Linear Speed≦7000mm/s
Marking Area110×110mm(Standard) 70×70mm/145×145mm/175×175mm(Optional)
Min.Focus Laser Diameter             0.2mm
Marking Depth0.4mm
Min.Linear Width0.01mm
Power SupplyAC220V 50Hz/60Hz(Optional)